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Special Tools


We understand that often you have specialized requirements and to meet them we have special tooling:


Core-Rod Tooling

These are used for products that require high surface area. Typically used for confectionery products. Also used for making Tablet-in-Tablet.



Tungsten Carbide Lined Dies


In cases when a corrosive material is used or for very high volume products or products which require high compression force - the punches get corroded and a die ring is formed very fast.

To avoid this wear and tear and to increase the life of the tools we use a very hard metal; Tungsten Carbide in the contact areas.

Teflon Tip Punches

Sticking is a major problem faced while manufacturing effervescent tablets. Not only does the powder stick to the punch face but it also corrodes the tooling. To minimize these problems we use Teflon tip punches as Teflon is less prone to sticking and the disc can be replaced if damaged.​

Multi-Tip Tooling

For tablets that are small in size and are required to be manufactured in huge volumes, we provide multi-tip tooling.

In these tooling, more than one tip is accommodated on a single punch thereby increasing production substantially.
However, using this tooling requires a lot of skill and does have a shorter life than normal tooling.

It is recommended ideally where the tablet size is very small, hence many tips can be accommodated which would help distribute the compression force over a larger area.

Rotating Head for Shaped Punches

Shaped toolings have a shorter life than round toolings. One of the major reasons is that the wear & tear of the underside of the punch head results in weight variation.

To avoid this we have created a rotating head tooling so the punch head can rotate just like round tooling and avoid this wear and tear, thereby giving it longer life.

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